The Careers Programme Group

The Careers Programme Group (Careers PG) are employability specialists that create industry-led training programmes which are unique in the marketplace, thanks to our own in-house team of industry experts. We are proud to have a team of highly experienced workers who have lived and breathed the roles themselves, who come with a wealth of industry knowledge between them within various positions within each of the sectors. Our service delivery is a bespoke and translatable solution for what our employer partners require when it comes to finding new talent. We focus on designing innovative industry-led pre-employment programmes that include custom made work experiences, to help promote inclusion for jobseekers within the UK.


The CPG family are committed to improving people’s lives and have a strong background in supporting unemployed people, to achieve sustainable employment. By having our own in-house team of industry experts, we bridge the gap between both the employers and the local labour market, to create inclusive and more naturally diverse workforces. All our in-house trainers have been an integral part of building our pre-employability programmes by bringing their own perspective from their own ‘real-life’ work experiences. Each one of our programmes is continually evolving and refining day by day to ensure they remain current and most importantly ‘fit for purpose’. As a direct result of our work, 96% of our learners naturally transition to secure sustainable employment within their chosen sector.


Our employability programmes are proven to offer more inclusive routeways for new talent within the UK. All the programmes we create are built around positive work experiences, to support all kinds of job seekers to find sustainable employment. Our training programmes are designed to prepare new talent whilst showcasing their ability ‘on the job’ as opposed to generic recruitment methods which are often typically non-inclusive. All the learners that we enrol will automatically have access to our employer-led training which has been recognised and supported via government funding. We are proud to be recognised as a business that is committed to doing good but what makes us shine, is our flair for getting it right.



We are proud to have officially been recognised and approved as a part of Movement to Work.

As an organisation starting from the hearts at the top, we have made it a company-wide vision to help others who may have not always had the best of starts in life, especially as a young person. We believe it is important that people are given the chance to shine in other ways, whilst inspiring others to think bigger about new ways to support people into employment. We are so proud that as an organisation, we have a team who are just as committed to being those role models to the hundreds of people we’ve supported into employment.

Partnering with Movement To Work made complete sense and we are truly grateful to be a part of a movement that is dedicated to the same visions us.


Who are Movement To Work?

Movement To Work is passionate about levelling the playing field for young people looking to enter into employment. Movement to Work inspires employers to help young people change their lives through positive encounters with work, including work placements.

Our Programmes



The Animal Careers Programme is an employability programme that offers online face to face training, e-learning and work experience placements within animal care. We work with a range of employer partners such as farms, zoos, vets, pet shops, animal researchers, shelters and rehoming. We also work with local dog walkers and business owners to offer our learners work placements, shadowing and mentoring opportunities through their journey on the programme. 


The Careers Programme Group offers employability programmes that are tailored to fit a range of organisations. We work with our employer partners to create programmes that fit their social mission, objectives and brand to help pretrain, employ and develop people through our programmes.

We are currently running a range of pilots with Roadchef such as their ‘Road To Success’ Traineeship programme amongst others.

We are always happy to support employers to create a programme that meets the needs of their CSR objectives, whilst ensuring everyone enrolling is given a fairer chance to access employment opportunities that are inclusive within their organisation.


96% Success Rate!

96% of our learners successfully move on into paid employment

Why did we create the ‘Pre-Employ Training Model’?

Through years of combined experience, we strongly recognised that within many of our sectors, one size simply does not fit all. Both ourselves and our employer partners felt that pre-employment training or the range of vocational qualifications that were being offered within the market did not truly reflect each role within the sector. 


We recognised that for jobseekers / new people entering into an industry, that they needed to feel prepared by having some form of experience, training plus awareness of the role. However, employers typically hired someone based on a good interview with a preference for someone with some form of experience who can hit the ground running. As a result, our employers missed out on some great talent by having recruitment procedures in place that were typically non-inclusive. 


Our traineeship programmes, blend both of these needs by creating and developing, pre-employment training programmes that are designed around each role within the different sectors. Our programmes are based on real-life scenarios, duties and expectations within specific roles.

Example / Scenario:


Someone may want to get into animal care, but is unsure what they want to do within animal care? We help advise them on the career options available to them. They then may decide to become an animal technician, however, this requires certain skills and behaviours which the standard generic animal care qualification does not cover. What we then offer to teach is shaped on what our employers in that sector have helped create around what they require and desire, not just the ones that are included within many generic qualifications.

All of our online and hands-on training modules (including our work experiences) have been specifically designed to assimilate the different roles within each sector. These career pathways range anywhere from a pet shop assistant, a retail assistant, a laboratory technician, a research technician, an animal technician, a dog groomer, a livestock farmworker, a veterinary nurse and many more. Each career path has it’s own specific training modules and in-work training log based on a particular role within that sector. 

We also offer both Traineeships and Apprenticeships in a range of sectors including Hospitality, Customer Service, Business Admin, Animal Care and Retail as a supporting provider.


Both our learners and employers can feel rest assured knowing that the support and training they are receiving is from a team of industry experts who have lived the roles themselves, meaning they can talk to learners to relate and support them to progress into their careers. All of our trainers can relate to our learner’s thanks to their real-life experience. Our team’s real-life industry knowledge enhances the experience for both the learner and the employer so it makes sense that a scientific researcher, experienced lab technician or an experienced farmer is on hand to offer training and support.

Who we work with



We work within a range of sectors across the country through partnering up with all types of employers within the specific industries. We work in collaboration with employers of all sizes whether that be a local SME right up to some of our FTSE 100 employers.


We also work with local careers advisory bodies such as job centres, local training providers, welfare to work organisations, social bodies, charities, schools, colleges and universities throughout the UK.


Currently, we are working with employers throughout the UK to deliver pre-employability programmes, traineeships and apprenticeships in a range of sectors such as;


  • Animal Care
  • Science
  • Hospitality
  • Customer Services
  • Business Admin
  • Management (coming soon)


Please Note: Our parent Organisation FJN Group has status on the RoATP as supporting Provider

We are currently building a range of Programmes and are always open to hear from all employers in all kinds of sectors

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