About us

The Careers Programme Group is an organisation that is committed to creating inclusive, industry led, pre-employability solutions to a large number of employers within a range of under represented sectors.

All our programmes are socially driven and built around inclusion, which offers everyone a fairer chance to access a career path of their choice. Our programmes are designed with both the learners in mind and led by our employers needs. The Careers Programme group is dedicated to making pre-employment routeways which are more inclusive

We work in partnership to collaborate with employers within a range of specific industries that are typically under represented.


Our current menu of programmes are listed below;

  • The Animal Careers Programme
  • The Science Careers Programme
  • The Waste Careers Programme


All our learners are pre-trained and are educated on the sector and our core values around inclusion and diversity. Every learner is committed to learning and gaining paid employment working within their chosen sector-led programme. Everyone who enrols onto the one of our Careers Programmes, will receive full in-depth pre-employment training before entering into a work experience.

Our training is designed to be ‘fit for purpose’ and tailored around each career path. We strive to ensure everyone involved with the Careers Programme Group has a positive experience. Every learner will gain experience and key employability skills, however we endeavour to go above and beyond by supporting all our learners to secure paid employment. We do not believe in abandoning our learners after their work experience stage and have a team in place to support our learners into work post placement. We want to help change peoples lives , that includes supporting them into work whilst offering additional in work support (*should this be required).

Animal Careers Programme

Covering all types of entry level roles within animal care from pet shops to farms, vets, animal research facilities, zoos, aquariums and many more. The roles can vary from an animal technician, animal care assistant, retail worker, receptionist, farm worker, poultry worker etc. We believe any entry level role in animal care should require someone to have a little more than a basic understanding of animal care. (It helps them relate to the staff, colleagues, the customers and animals)

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The Science Careers Programme;

Covering the entry level roles within science whilst specialising on the role of an entry level research / lab technician which can be transferred into any role which involves working in and around a lab environment. We cover a variety of entry level roles including a laboratory technician. research technician. laboratory sampler, laboratory engineer, receptionist, administrator, cage wash (within animal research), auxiliary technician and many many more. We believe everyone walking into a scientific environment should have a passion for science along with an understanding of what the laboratory environment involves.