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Level 2 – Certificate in Animal Care (City and Guilds) RQF

The ACP (Animal Careers Programme) is an exclusive employer-led employability programme within the animal care sector.  The ACP employability programme has been developed by some of the top animal care industry experts within the UK, since we launched in March 2018. Both our employer partners and referral partners have joined our mission to make the industry more inclusive, whilst supporting more jobseekers into paid employment, within animal care.


ACP is the only employability programme of its kind. Our programme has been built on real work-life experience, and is continually evolving to ensure it remains current and  ‘fit for purpose.  As a result of our high-quality pre-employment training and dedicated in-work support, 96% of our learners naturally transition to secure sustainable employment within the animal care sector.


The ACP blends both virtual e-learning and hands-on physical training due to having a range of animals on our premises and a team of animal experts on hand throughout the UK.


Through years of combined experience, we recognised that with animal care, one size simply does not fit all. Each of our online and hands-on training modules (including our work experiences) have been specifically designed to assimilate the different animal care roles. These career pathways range anywhere from a pet shop assistant, an animal technician, a dog groomer, a livestock farmworker, a zookeeper, a veterinary nurse and many more. Each career path has it’s own specific training modules and in-work training log based on a particular role.





(Referral Organisations Only)


These workshops are run in groups of 10 – 30 and are usually run locally on our referral partners premises.

Please get in touch today to find out about how we can support you with our very own ‘Motivational’ Workshop & Follow on Programme. This workshop is delivered LIVE from our very own Founder Joanna Butler. Joanna speaks from the heart about her challenges growing up, overcoming her barriers, her experience as a claimant and how she became motivated and empowered to better her life. In these workshops, Jo builds instant mutual respect, touches on her own personal challenges and what inspired her to work for organisations such as Maximus, Remploy, Shaw Trust etc. Jo talks about her journey and how this lead her to set up CPG back in 2020. Jo’s vision is very much to inspire and empower others. This workshop has been designed to help motivate others to know that they can do the same.

As Jo says “Your past does not define you. It’s about finding role models, securing empowerment, creating better habits, believing in change and planning goals”

This workshop is packed with lots of tools, tips and coping strategies. Plus we promise to keep it fun and believe in following up with our participants over the coming months.

Get in touch today about how you can book by contacting us at bookings@careerspg.co.uk or calling 0203 924 0160





Looking for career advice within the Animal Care sector?

Speak to us today about our Animal Care Pre-Employability Programmes!


Get in touch today to find out more about our  ‘not for profit’ Animal Care Pre-employability programme. This program has been designed to support and guide all people whilst they explore all types of animal career paths.


  • Please Note: This programme requires funding