The 7 i’s

Our Company Values (The 7i’s)

Inclusive This is our core anchor. Every part of our collaboration strives to be both inclusive and liberal with no room for judgement. We strive to ensure that everyone is treated fairly based solely on their ‘ability’ and ‘commitment’ to grow.

Industry-led As we offer industry led initiatives, we believe each of our programmes should be collaboratively led by the industry to ensure we continuously refine and update our services to ensure we promote relative information, advice and guidance

Innovative Constantly driving new ideas to create positive routeways which will create the biggest positive impact. We believe if you do the same things, you get the same results. Our innovation is a key driver behind creating fairer ‘fit for purpose’ opportunities

Inspirational Inspiring others to feel that they can improve lives. We believe in inspiring people to feel confident in their own skin, to get others to maybe think differently and believe that anything is achievable

Integrity Doing the right thing with an honest moral compass to support others. We believe in having a ‘results driven’ brain with a ‘kind’ and caring heart

In touch Ensuring collaboration so that everyone feels in touch as part of our extended family. We want everyone involved to feel a part of the solution

Impacting Ensuring that we strive to produce positive results so that everyone who is a part of our mission is impacted with the drive to inspire, support, develop and grow themselves and others around them