“Don’t just take it from us… Check out what our partners have to say..”


Why did you choose to be a part of the programme?
“I think this program benefits both us as prospective employers and the young learners as it gives us more time to train, and I enjoy teaching”
What do you like about the programme?
“I like the fact that we can train the learners when we have a full complement of staff, this way we can spend the time needed to give the correct level of supervision and not advance too quickly”
What you do not like about the programme?
“Nothing really, only that we get quite attached to the learners and do not want them to leave but love hearing how they get in work with other facilities or partners!”

“We were looking to find animal technicians who were dedicated to learning the ropes, who would not let us down and could show what they were capable of. We like that we get to choose young animal lovers who are passionate about animals, inspired and enthusiastic about being in the industry. I feel this scheme is a great way of us giving back and offers a cost free solution as well as promoting the career path of an animal technician..
Thanks to the ACP, this programme opened up our eyes to disabilities within the workplace, reasonable adjustments and especially mental health. We had an unexplained issue with someone who worked for us before who had lots of unexplained sickness. After working with the programme we called her up. She came in and explained she had spoken with the ACP and conducted a reasonable adjustment assessment. She opened up to explain she had suffered from PTSD (we had no idea what this was or what she had been going through!) Thanks to the ACP teams mission we have all learnt a valuable lesson and have a changed perception on having mental health in the workplace. We have recently had a serious other concern with one of our staff but thanks to the experience, we were able to handle this much better and were better equipped and experienced to handle it.
ACP learners are more knowledgeable than any other recruitment methods we have used and they know what to expect with industry led training and even having customer service skills . We are very happy with the ACP programme, the 24/7 communication and all the support we have had from all of the team”
Head of Animal Facilities
Why did you choose to be a part of the programme?
“It brought a different way of preparing and recruiting potential new recruits that was inexpensive. We liked the opportunity to be involved in initial training of potential new recruits and in some ways observe their suitability for the demands of Animal Technology.
We notice a huge difference with our ACP learners in comparison to a standard inexperienced trainee animal technician through any other recruitment method”
General Feedback
“Right now we are pleased with that we experienced and look forward to a discussion on a new cohort sometime in the future. This is a great scheme! We are highly satisfied with the 24/7 communication!”
 Animal Facility Director  Cardiff University

“Jo was instrumental in giving our small business another direction and a more solid future. Jo opened our eyes to more business opportunities, with her input and guidance on a new employee onboarding and training process along with a business pitch that has created a whole new dimension to our business. Jo’s knowledge and enthusiasm has been infectious and given our business a real boost. Not only did she support us to ensure we got the right people pretrained and on board, but she went above and beyond to give us free advice on our USP, business model and some HR challenges we were facing at the time. Steve and Jo come with a real passion and desire to help and that was evidenced in any of our conversations! This is very useful to us as an SME to often have others advice and guidance on such matters”
Adam Simmons – Managing Director – Barons

Our Learners Say…

Being a part of the pilot ACP has been an insightful and beneficial experience and I have learned a great deal about the provision of care and welfare for animals used in Medical Research. Both the ACP team and their recruitment agency team were greatly supportive of my journey from day one to finish and were only an email, text message or phone call away. They were available to answer any questions or queries I had 24/7 and were prompt and informative with their replies. The pre-learning and study module content which was constructed by them was clearly composed and detailed, allowing me to pass all my module tests and preparing me for the 2-week work placement and this was very useful as it enabled me to carry out the job with a confident manner. I enjoyed the work experience aspect immensely and built up an array of skills and confidence during this time. I was situated at University College London for a 2-week long work experience placement, the team at UCL were welcoming and supportive and my experience with them was varied and included many different tasks. The unit I was in looked after mice solely, and the job was comprised of providing daily caring duties for the mice. This included feeding, watering, and observing behaviour, well as learning the correct handling/restraint methods, weaning pups from parents, holding and identifying the sex and age of pups, paring males with females and operating equipment.

It was varied and practical and I got a real insight into what to expect for it as a career. I am thrilled that I was one of the lucky few chosen to take part in the pilot programme as it was an invaluable experience. I feel very close to employment and knowing that there are many opportunities for promotion in this industry, I am looking forward to beginning my new career as an Animal Technician.

I feel the ACP is a great route for other individuals who are wanting to get into a career with animals as it covers many aspects of animal care and welfare. I am a true animal lover and this experience has helped me see behind the stigma that surrounds the Medical Research Industry and being part of the team responsible for the care and welfare of these crucial animals is hugely rewarding!”

Tricia M, London (UCL Learner – Gained a paid contract with Kings College and now working in a vets)