What is the CPG solution for employers?

Here at the Careers Programme Group we offer a cost saving recruitment and training solution, which focuses on truly listening to our employer partners needs, by encouraging open conversations that help address the typical barriers they find when recruiting and training new talent.

The end goal is to advocate both our employers and their industry whilst reducing their recruitment costs to create a workforce that is more inclusive, more productive and naturally more diverse, based on having ‘fit for purpose’ pre-training and recruitment solutions in place.

The CPG recognises that as an industry a ‘one size fits all’ approach, will not work. This is why we have heavily invested in a team of both qualified trainers and content writers who are industry experts who are specialized in each field.


With our own in house team of industry experts, it enables us to ensure that the Careers PG programme is truly tailored around each placement host’s specific needs and that our work experiences are both positive and productive to both the employer and the learner.

For example:

A pet shop must understand retail and customer service, an animal technician must understand ASPA, ethics and biosecurity, a role in science can be exciting or that a lab tech needs to be meticulous, or that a farm with livestock needs to understand legislations and animal behaviours to carry out daily health checks.


We ensure the learner has gained skills to kick start their placement by having a starting foundation, enabling them to hit the ground running

Here at the Careers Programme Group, we aim to dispel myths and educate all learners on what is expected in a role from an unbiased point of view.


Often like with many industries, there are a number of associated stereotypes or stigmas that come with a range of controversial views around how a business operates on an ethical basis.


We are familiar with handling many controversial topics, but  strongly believe that everyone has a right to choose their own career path based on their own personal limitations and aside from others views. Personal limitations need to be just that. Personal to the learner and free from anyone else’s views.

We run a number of ethical workshops, which are in place to offer factual information, whilst dispelling any myths that are surrounding a number of industries such as;

Medical research;

  • Is research carried out ethically and is it safe?
  • What effects medicine and research have on us as a society?
  • Topics raised by Anti-vaccine campaigners, holistic approaches etc


Animal care;

  • How and why animals are used within research?
  • Should animals be kept within enclosures?
  • Farming – Why and how animals are produced for food
  • Sporting – Why and how is this done? What welfare standards are in place?

Our highly experienced team is trained to discuss ethics and handle different views or opinions, so that learners are comfortable and aware of what to expect in their placement and their career moving forward.


We are not here to change peoples minds by telling them how to think, we are simply here with a mission to get everyone to consider other points of view, by being open which can include thinking differently whether that be around disability, ethical views, sexual preference and their own personal limitations. We respect everyone’s view and believe that everyone has the right to their own mind. Everyone should be treated equally based on their ‘ability’ to do a job whether that be from the view of an employee or employer within any sector.

We pride ourselves on simply being able to educate people with reliable resources, data, facts and figures to support jobseekers in their decision (i.e. emotional ability to cope in a vet practice when an animal is put to sleep / euthanasia etc.).


We understand and respect the views of others but feel it is a necessity that people make their own judgement. We do not believe in ‘sweeping’ over the cracks or not talking about real life issues or controversial topics which may come up at a later date.

The CPG ensures that everyone’s safety is paramount. To ensure this, we ensure that every learner has a full background check to ensure they are safely placed in a suitable employer host site. However, the CPG will not discriminate any learner in any way and have many employers on board who are always looking to give someone a chance. The reason we conduct these checks is to ensure we manage each parties expectations, from day 1.


The CPG has a duty of care which is to ensure that all parties are safe. This means  safely placing all learners into a suitable placement, which is in fitting with their views. All placement must be arranged within a learners personal limitations and an environment that they feel comfortable in.