What are our Employer Partners looking to achieve?

So what are the objectives to an employer?


What do we want our employer partners to be thinking, when considering partnering us with us and what exactly is in it for them?

Better pre-trained, pre-vetted and sustainable future talent

By naturally enrolling onto the one of our programmes, our learners already have demonstrated their commitment to learn.

Our learners voluntarily jump through loops to get to their dream job ‘caring for animals’

By enrolling onto our programme, our employer partners recognise that our learners are choosing to prove themselves by dedicating their own time.

This shows commitment levels to the career from day 1. The CPG training model naturally weeds out any unmotivated behaviours during the process

Our learners are already pre-vetted and consent to undergoing a full DBS clearance and a full social media ‘activist’ check.

Our pre-vetting eliminates risk and saves our employers time

 Lower costs, testing the waters and having trust

Employers were fed up of paying for staff from agencies who were misinformed or sold to them, with no real training or motivation. Motivation and behaviours are hard to assess until someone is actually working in the job. (Often once it is too late) Some applicants can be great in interviews, but not so great on the job. Some people are great at the job, but not so great in interview!

In the past, a large number of our employers, just needed a quick solution and would often look to recruitment agencies for inexperienced temporary workers who naturally came with risks and concerns around trust. Some of these risks could include security or welfare concerns, poor reliability or a lack of trust which would lead to wasted time, wasted costs and wasted resources

Careers PG employer partners feel safe knowing that with our learners, they can expect a commitment to grow and learn from day 1. Check out our testimonials!

Widened candidate pool of diverse talent

By offering a training programme through the Careers Programme Group, this naturally diversifies and widens the standard pool of candidates. Our programme allows employers to obtain talent, which may have somehow been missed due to a candidate being unable to complete an online application, having a lack of industry awareness, lack of confidence or common barriers such as nerves during an interview

The Careers PG process allows employers to upskill typical applicants and for applicants to show their commitment and behaviours through a more fair and accessible work placement

CSR Objectives / Ethically Fair Opportunities

Evidenced through our partnerships, employers are ensuring that they are more open and diverse in their recruitment approach by allowing applicants to apply in alternative ways like the Careers Programme Group

The Careers PG partnership is proud to be offering opportunities to wider groups and allowing people to access vacancies with reasonable adjustments such as guaranteed interviews, online information workshops, videos and working interviews

As an organisation, we are recognised for our disability confidence. Our team is mental health first aid trained. Did you know that 1 in 4 people will experience some form of mental health illness in any given year?

Our Co-Founder Jo has been impacted on and off throughout her life by mental health and believes anything is possible with the right support available! We believe in  accommodating all learners the best way we can, by focusing on someone’s capabilities first as opposed to the disabilities