Our Pledge of Commitment

As a team, we are truly passionate about improving the lives of our learners whilst creating opportunity. We are dedicated to ensuring that everyone involved in the programme receives nothing less than a positive experience. This is a key principle behind all we do and is carefully considered when agreeing any partnership agreement. We feel it is massively important that our programme is being used in a fair, inclusive and ethical way with the wellbeing of our learners in mind.

To ensure that our programme is being used with this principle in mind, we ask all our partners to sign an open pledge of commitment to ensure that everyone is committed to the positive cause.

CPG Employer partners are required to sign a renewal pledge every 12 months to demonstrate their continued support to the CPG learners.

As a business we understand from time to time we can all get busy! Whilst being busy, there can also be a number of structural changes, challenges and movements. By asking for an annual pledge, we are simply reminding everyone of their duties and managing expectations all round, as a CPG partner.

CPG Partners – Pledge of Commitment



We (Employer Name) are committed to offering both positive and inclusive experiences, to help support CPG learners from all walks of life.


As a CPG (Careers Programme Group) Employer Partner, we (Employer Name) pledge to commit to giving CPG learners;


  • work experiences that are both positive and engaging to equip jobseekers for an entry level role within our sector
  • a fairer chance to apply for suitable entry level job opportunities. This can be done via a work placement. If the learner passes their placement, this will then allow the learners to by-pass standard recruitment methods such as interviews and online applications (See notes for further details, if required)
  • valuable work experiences by working through an agreed ‘check list’ of activities
  • ring fenced opportunities and first refusal on suitable / same level vacancies 


We shall also strive to;


  • communicate at all times with the The Careers Programme Group, to ensure the health, safety and well being of all learners are looked after
  • be open to positive change and to never be afraid to ask for advice or support from the CPG
  • be inclusive in our approach when considering a CPG learner